Wednesday, 30 December 2015


Hi guys.

First of all please accept my apologies for not writing a blog for a very long time.

As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs that I want to keep you guys updated with the training I have been doing for the Paris Marathon I thought that I would now give you guys a bit of an update.

To be honest the training hasn't been going well. There have been times where in fact I have even been de-motivated and not want to train at all which has resulted me in not doing the correct amount of training that I want to do. As it stands so far I have only done a couple of sessions in the gym as well as 2 short distance runs and 1 long distance run..

On one of the short distance runs (approximately 3 miles) I remember how disappointed I was on that day that I felt like I really wanted to do more but my body just didn't want to do it and I couldn't force my body to do it neither. However on the opposite side I also saw a positive that I somehow got the energy to run even if it was a short distance as some days I just really didn't want to train.

However over the last couple of days I have felt a lot more positive and on Sunday I even did a run that was between 7 and 8 miles long. I did this in approximately 1 hour and 45 mins. It felt amazing and even though with that distance I was hoping for a better time, i'm just really glad the distance was covered and now I feel a lot more positive and have some self belief that I can push myself more and achieve my goal.

I am also currently looking at finding a personal trainer as well as a nutritionist who can set up a diet plan to help me eat a lot more healthily in preparation. I'm really looking forward to hopefully working with them both.

In terms of the sponsorship I am not doing too badly. I have currently raised £100 for the 3 charities. I aim to raise £500 for the 3 wonderful charities that I am supporting which are Lilly Uganda, Mind and St Catherines Hospice. If any of you wish to donate, please visit the following website link. Every donation is appreciated even if it is only a small amount. The website link is

Thanks again guys for your support and I hope to keep you updated more in future.

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