Sunday, 19 March 2017


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As you guys are already aware from my previous blog posts that I plan to run Brighton marathon that is scheduled to take place 3 weeks today on April 9th 2017. I'm very excited.

Training has gone really well so far. I've currently done a half marathon, 16 miles, 17 miles, 18 miles, 19 miles, 20 miles and 21 miles with a last 20 miles run scheduled for later on today before I start to taper.

The 21 miles run that I did last Sunday was one of the longest and hardest training runs that I have done yet. I had originally planned to go on the Saturday but when I woke up my body felt like it wouldn't have been able to cope which is possibly because of the late night that I had before. I woke up on Sunday with a lot more confidence and self belief that I was going to achieve 21 miles today.

I set off at approximately 10:15am and started at a slow gentle pace which I decided to maintain all the way round. I figured that if I started off quickly then I may not have any energy towards the end.

I carried on down towards Avenham Park and it was a lovely morning. The weather was ok but lots of families were out. Once I got into Avenham Park I decided to take a bit of a detour from the normal Parkrun route and explore different parts of the park that I had never seen before.

As I love nature I decided to take a detour via the beautiful water fountain. It's pretty amazing and I guess it can somehow give a calming influence whilst running. As I continued I decided to explore more of the side streets/cul de sacs by the side of the park to see if I could find areas that I previously didn't know existed. I was totally shocked when I saw a childrens play area which I had no idea was there and I must have been near that area loads of times before. I couldn't believe that I didn't know it was there!

As we exit the park there is a long straight path which goes on for about 2 miles. I find this path quite beautiful as it is full of nature. I got to the end of the path and was beginning to run towards the Red Rose HQ aka The Poachers Pub when I saw a fellow Red Roser. I didn't know this at the time but as I approached them, they appeared to be struggling with cramp. I found out they were running in the same direction as I was planning to run so ended up doing about 4 miles with them along a nice flat route followed by country roads leading upto Cureden Valley and Farington. After a few miles I headed back on my own and somehow mentally it does seems a lot harder when you are running on your own compared to running with other people. I guess the company helps to take your mind off things.

As I headed back on my own I knew I had a long way to go as I was still only around the half way point into my training run but I was determined. After going down the long road towards Poachers I had a quick drink at Sainsburys before hitting the road again. The run back from The Poachers is around 4 miles but I decided that I again wanted to take another detour. Ended up running in a few more cul de sacs to see more of Preston.

On one of the cul de sacs I noticed a school but only knew it was there as I had saw it on a previous training run a few weeks earlier. I also found a detour into Avenham Park because some people don't like using public roads but have to run near some fields. Ended up seeing my mate Toshif who I hadn't seen in a few months and he told he that he was interested in joining Red Rose so I guess he must have caught the running bug too.

I had to politely tell him that I had to carry on because lots of people may know that I can be a chatterbox when I want to be and before you know it we end up talking for like half an hour. Now i'm in the final few miles of the run. By now I had done 17.5 miles and didn't have long left at all. Now it's all about being strong and resilliant to see the job through. I decided to run back near Avenham Park in the same direction to add more mileage. I love the views sometimes and the complete greenery that surrounded me. It's an amazing thing about the outdoors and running.

I was feeling tired now and after 1 last drink stop I reached the bottom of London Road hill and tried to run 3/4 of a mile towards the park and 3/4 of a mile back as I only had a mile and a half left. the last 3/4 of a mile felt like the fastest of the whole 21 miles but I guess adrenaline kicked in by then.

I was really happy to finish. Longest planned training done and dusted. Next race was the Trimpell 20 which I may write about in my next post.

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Monday, 13 March 2017

Running Motivation

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As most of you may know through all my blog posts/Facebook status's/tweets/Instagram pics etc that I have fallen in love with running. What first started as a training setting for running a marathon has now turned into a full blown hobby and if I don't run a couple of times a week it begins to feel like there is something missing.

I think there are lots of different factors and many different reasons why people enjoy running such as the fresh air, seeing the outdoors or seeing sites within their own city which they didn't know existed. For me although I do enjoy all those things, there are 3 other things that I enjoy more which are detailed below:

Company + Support

Throughout my journey so far I have met many people who I deem to be inspiring for so many different reasons. I've had people who aim to run 100 marathons by 2018 and just completed number 62 yesterday, people who have developed incredibly well as runners from the progress I have seen, people over the age of 70s and 80s who still run (and look incredible) and the people who struggle but still never give up and have a strong, determined and fierce attitude. I've found that with running lots of these people tend to have self-doubts but normally achieve the goals that they set out to achieve which is a massive positive which shows that they are stronger then they think they are and this is something that I as an individual take inspiration from and part of the reason why I love having company around me. Good company is also great for support because lots of people give motivation and encouragement and that can give people confidence and belief in their own abilities. I know i've needed it sometimes when i've struggled and it's great to have the company of good people helping you along. Got to give a big shoutout to my local running club Red Rose Road Runners because I think they are amazing at this and I proper love them guys!

Supporting at the Races

This is 1 of the best things I like because it's an opportunity to take in the race atmosphere and enjoy the day and have some fun but also rest the legs which to be honest is a nice feeling. I have been to a few races to support everyone but especially the mighty Red Rose and each time I have had lots of fun myself. It's useful to people who are running especially as they are approaching the finishing line and it gives me the opportunity to jump up and down like i've heard Antonio Conte does for Chelsea (Not that i'm a Chelsea fan by the way). I do however love being so energetic in this manner. I also enjoy supporting as I still treat it as a social gathering too.

The biggest thing though is that it is an opportunity for me to give something back to others who are also good to me. Lots of people support me in lots of different ways. Some have given me lifts for free, some have left me encouraging and supportive comments, some ran with me when I was very slow to begin with and some have just offered advice in general.

The point about this is that I think its important to give something back to others who have been good to you because it shows that you value and appreciate them. I've found in Red Rose and the running community as a whole that kindness spreads.


I also find that not only running but exercise in general is a form of escaping from any troubles or dilemmas a person is going through even though it may only be for a short while. Around 2012 I was going through certain difficulties in my life but I found hitting the gym and exercising in general helping me in a positive way for the simple reason that I could forget about what was happening in my life for a short while and put all my efforts into doing something positive and enjoyable. For me that was a big thing and through the running community i've spoken to a few people who were in similar situations to myself and they have all mentioned they have felt like running has helped them in a positive way. It's nice to have the freedom of mind, focus on something positive and strive towards an aim and objective.

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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Time to Talk

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Last Thursday (2nd February) was Time to Talk day. Time To Talk day is a day that encourages the whole nation to talk about mental health and to help break the silence. I've always found Time To Talk to be a great initiative because it can encourage those who have mental health problems to talk about more openly with others and for those without mental health problems it is an opportunity to learn from those who do.

To my pleasant surprise my work even had a special Time To Talk workshop where we discussed some facts and figures relating to mental health by the use of quizzes. Some of the facts even surprised me and even I got quite a few questions wrong but I was so impressed that my employers were taken a serious stance with mental health because from a workplace perspective it is important that staff feel valued, appreciated and supported. They even pointed us in the direction of who could support us within the organisation if a person needed support. We also used paper made chatterboxes and behind the number the person chose was written something they had to do that day. I had "to say how I feel" and i'm pleased to say that I was very honest with people how I was feeling on that day.

I know a few people had to ask someone how they are? I'm not saying you need to have a full conversation about their mental health with them. Even giving them a kind comment can help.  I strongly feel that this can really help someone because it makes us feel like someone actually cares about us and cares about how we really feel and that can make a person feel a lot more supported and less alone. I know I love it when friends randomly ring me or tweet me asking how I am because it makes me think they care and therefore I feel valued and self-esteem is a massive thing for a person who has a mental health issue because sometimes we feel like we are not worthy enough but the fact is we are.

Towards the end of the day I took part in #TalkMH which the amazing Hannah hosted this week. I only managed to join the last 10 mins or so but looking through the conversation something felt different and it was the fact the I felt there was more people who took part in #TalkMH then normal. I don't know if other people thought that but I did and even it was down to Time To Talk day then something positive came out of it. I've got to say Hannah did an amazing job and the questions that she asked were so relevant because they not only enabled us to share our experiences, I think they gave positive ideas to other people to try and help them in their day to day life. I love #TalkMH.

One final thing before I go, I just want to give a special mention to Lauren because her last blog post was amazing. I felt like could relate so much to this blog post and I think it encapsulates everything that Time To Talk day should be about because she advises a few tips on how to talk about a mental health issue and how to listen. To me Time To Talk is about both talking and listening and that is part of the reason I love this blog post in particular.

Thanks for reading guys and I hope you have gained something valuable from this post. The link to Lauren's blog post is below and if you guys read it I hope you learn something valuable from her too.

Laurens blog post link

If you wish to have any more info on Time To Talk please also click on this link


Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Lytham 10 miles

Hi guys,

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As many of you know I have a passion for running and yesterday I took part in a 10 mile race at Lytham St Annes. I got up the morning and I was preparing to take the train as I had checked train times the night before and there was a train scheduled to depart at 9:33am (or so I thought). My dad even asked if I wanted a lift to the race but I didn't want to inconvenience him so said no. Got to the train station and I found out there were no train to Lytham St Annes as they only run on weekdays. I was adamant that the website didn't say that but I was incorrect although in my defence it was only in small letters and they still showed train times. So ended ringing my dad who took me home again for a while, had a nice brew and ended up going to the race along with my mum.

After arriving and registering we made our way down towards the starting point where we met our fellow Red Rosers Natalie, Simon and Andy. It was nearly time for the race to start but there was a short 10 mins delay due to an accident on the M6 which meant some people were unable to get to the race on time.

The race started and it was amazing to run so close to the sea and this lasted for around half the race. It was so beautiful and scenic. The course was very flat.I started off quite slow as I normally do and just hope to eventually grow into a steady pace which I reckon I did around mile 4.

Around mile 4 I started to stride forward with a bit more purpose but it kinda felt like interval training. Run fast for a while and then slow down, pick it up, slow down and that was like my rhythm but I thought that worked quite well for me until around halfway through mile 7 where I overtook this lady who kept overtaking me and I thought I don't want to let you past again. My competitive edge kicked in but I guess that is good in a way but I guess it helped make me run a little faster.

Towards the end of the race I saw a man with a UkRunChat vest on and as I love the #ukrunchat talks on Twitter, I thought I would say hello and try to encourage him. After excahanging a few pleasantries I carried on with the race and darted towards the finish in a time of 1:26:59. Later on that evening though I posted on Twitter asking if anyone knew this guy and he responded. Such a small world!

We went inside for the the trophy presentations and i'm quite proud that Andy and Simon finished 3rd in the mens team event and Simon finished 2nd overall. Absolutely amazing effort. Overall it was a great day with great people.

Once I got home I ran a further 6 miles to take it up to 16 for the day. Got to be committed now as it is less then 2 months before i'm meant to be doing Brighton Marathon.

Thanks for reading again guys!


Saturday, 28 January 2017

Be Kind to Your Mind

Hi guys,

Thanks for visiting my blog again and i'm sorry it has been such a long time since I wrote anything. I hope everyone is well.

As some of you may be aware from my previous posts I have previously struggled with mental health issues and this had an impact on my life for a certain time. I firmly believe that mental health is an issue that needs to be talked about more and more and we need to help raise awareness and help to educate others so they can look after their own mental health and take the necessary steps to receive help should they ever encounter a mental health issue.

This brings me onto a great initiative/project called "Be Kind To Your Mind" which was founded by the amazing Meg. As Meg has said herself "Be Kind To Your Mind was born with the overwhelming desire to raise the voice of those who suffer with mental illnesses, as well as fight against mental health stigma" and I believe this is something that matches what I believe too and it is something I am incredibly passionate about. I know that Meg has worked incredibly hard on this project and continues to do so with the sole intention to help support and educate others. To help eradicate stigma education is needed and an important point to remember is that projects like "Be Kind To Your Mind" and the #TalkMH chat on Twitter (founded by the amazing Hannah Rainey) are not just for people with mental health issues. #TalkMH takes place on Twitter on Thursdays between 8:30pm and 9:30pm Anyone can join as long as you are respectful/don't offend anyone or insult anyone because they are great avenues to receive education as the people involved are normally people who have experienced mental health issue first hand. Another important point to remember is that even if the person doesn't want to take part in the chat but just wants to learn then that is ok. Just search #TalkMH on Twitter.

One thing I do want to say about #TalkMH is that the people who participate in the chat are some of the most supportive people I have come across on Twitter and it is such a lovely platform for people to share thoughts and feelings. I do want to give a special mention to Hannah though because I know how much hard work goes into running #TalkMH. We may see a tweet from her a few days before the chat saying who is hosting and take part in the chat herself but I know there is a lot more to it then that and many more hours that she puts in to make #TalkMH a success. For example she has just launched a #TalkMH shop on her blog (link at the end) and to get the products to sell, send them out wrap them up, take it to the post office etc. Another example is that she has very kindly arranged for a #TalkMH meet in London and has send out emails and tweets etc. I can honestly say that #TalkMH is a great chat to be involved in.

One other project that I found to be a great way of learning about mental health was through a zine which was created by the incredible Lauren (link to Lauren's Etsy store where the zine is advertised is at the the bottom of this post). I recently bought my copy of the zine but honestly even thought I have experienced mental health issues myself i've learnt a lot more about the experiences of others with mental health issues. The brilliant thing about the zine is that people have talked about their experiences in many different forms such as art, poetry and general advice but a book like this can help offer encouragement, support and a feeling that somebody else understands their struggles but I guess all 3 of these projects can offer that.

Lauren is also currently in the process of promoting mental health related project which involves Art and Poetry and i've offered to help support her with this project and it is something that I am really looking forward to!

The point is with each of these 3 girls they all have something in common. They all want to help and support others with mental health issues and educate those who don't. The projects they have might be different but the 3 of them all want the same outcome. Like I mentioned in a previous paragraph for a project to work it takes time, commitment, effort, commitment, motivation and passion and I believe Hannah, Meg and Lauren have that in bucketloads because I can see how hard they try. As I believe the 3 of them have these components I believe all 3 projects will be successful in their own way. All 3 of them are incredible.

Thanks for reading guys but below are some links to the websites!

Be Kind To Your |Mind (Meg):
#TalkMH (Hannah) and
Zine (Lauren) and

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Motivational Quotes

 Hi guys,

Thank you again for visiting my blog. Hope you are all well and had a lovely weekend.

I always try to encourage positivity as I think positivity is a beautiful thing and I really think I can help and encourage people in a  good way. Recently I have been purchasing posters which have multiple positive comments on them and I would like to share them with you all. I hope these comments help bring some positivity and energy into the lives of my readers. I hope you like the quotes which I have listed below.

It's a good day to have a good day.
Laugh More
Worry less
Do more of what makes you happy.
Be the best version of you
Try and fail, don't fail to try
Stay positive
Regret nothing
Work hard, be humble
Everyday may not be good but there is something good in everyday.
Live, laugh love.
Follow your dreams.
Believe in yourself.
Don't forget to be awesome.

Thanks guys.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Running Man

Hi guys,

Thanks again for visiting my blog.

This is a poem that I wrote some time ago about the experience of running a marathon. I hope you guys like it.

Here I am on the race start line
Hoping to get an amazing time

Feelings of excitement, feelings of nerves
Hoping to get a medal I feel I richly deserve

As they blast off the starting gun
I am getting ready, getting ready to run.

As I start off this long trek.
At the end of the race I’ll probably feel like hitting the deck.

As I start and run the first mile.
I realise this is a gruesome trial.

Running mile after mile, putting one foot in front of the other.
I felt how much we were beginning to suffer.

At 13 miles we were nearly half way.
Oh come on is what you hear your voice say.

Legs are not shattering in a lot of pain.
But I couldn’t give up as there was a special achievement I wished to attain.

I am continuing, continuing to run hard.
Finding it hard to keep that strong mentality running guard.

Pain rippling through the body especially the calf.
I was thinking if only I had done a half.

But I was so eager, so eager to get that medal.
I knew I had to continue this difficult running pedal.

As I approached mile 20 the end was in sight.
Much to my imperious and infectious delight.

The end is near but yet so far.
Whoever finishes this race is a stubborn beautiful star.

The pain is still there, too much to take.
All I want is a scrumptious juicy big phat cake.

Here I am at the end of the race.
I can’t imagine looking at my bleary eyed tired looking face.

Thanks guys