Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Running Man

Hi guys,

Thanks again for visiting my blog.

This is a poem that I wrote some time ago about the experience of running a marathon. I hope you guys like it.

Here I am on the race start line
Hoping to get an amazing time

Feelings of excitement, feelings of nerves
Hoping to get a medal I feel I richly deserve

As they blast off the starting gun
I am getting ready, getting ready to run.

As I start off this long trek.
At the end of the race I’ll probably feel like hitting the deck.

As I start and run the first mile.
I realise this is a gruesome trial.

Running mile after mile, putting one foot in front of the other.
I felt how much we were beginning to suffer.

At 13 miles we were nearly half way.
Oh come on is what you hear your voice say.

Legs are not shattering in a lot of pain.
But I couldn’t give up as there was a special achievement I wished to attain.

I am continuing, continuing to run hard.
Finding it hard to keep that strong mentality running guard.

Pain rippling through the body especially the calf.
I was thinking if only I had done a half.

But I was so eager, so eager to get that medal.
I knew I had to continue this difficult running pedal.

As I approached mile 20 the end was in sight.
Much to my imperious and infectious delight.

The end is near but yet so far.
Whoever finishes this race is a stubborn beautiful star.

The pain is still there, too much to take.
All I want is a scrumptious juicy big phat cake.

Here I am at the end of the race.
I can’t imagine looking at my bleary eyed tired looking face.

Thanks guys


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