Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Lytham 10 miles

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As many of you know I have a passion for running and yesterday I took part in a 10 mile race at Lytham St Annes. I got up the morning and I was preparing to take the train as I had checked train times the night before and there was a train scheduled to depart at 9:33am (or so I thought). My dad even asked if I wanted a lift to the race but I didn't want to inconvenience him so said no. Got to the train station and I found out there were no train to Lytham St Annes as they only run on weekdays. I was adamant that the website didn't say that but I was incorrect although in my defence it was only in small letters and they still showed train times. So ended ringing my dad who took me home again for a while, had a nice brew and ended up going to the race along with my mum.

After arriving and registering we made our way down towards the starting point where we met our fellow Red Rosers Natalie, Simon and Andy. It was nearly time for the race to start but there was a short 10 mins delay due to an accident on the M6 which meant some people were unable to get to the race on time.

The race started and it was amazing to run so close to the sea and this lasted for around half the race. It was so beautiful and scenic. The course was very flat.I started off quite slow as I normally do and just hope to eventually grow into a steady pace which I reckon I did around mile 4.

Around mile 4 I started to stride forward with a bit more purpose but it kinda felt like interval training. Run fast for a while and then slow down, pick it up, slow down and that was like my rhythm but I thought that worked quite well for me until around halfway through mile 7 where I overtook this lady who kept overtaking me and I thought I don't want to let you past again. My competitive edge kicked in but I guess that is good in a way but I guess it helped make me run a little faster.

Towards the end of the race I saw a man with a UkRunChat vest on and as I love the #ukrunchat talks on Twitter, I thought I would say hello and try to encourage him. After excahanging a few pleasantries I carried on with the race and darted towards the finish in a time of 1:26:59. Later on that evening though I posted on Twitter asking if anyone knew this guy and he responded. Such a small world!

We went inside for the the trophy presentations and i'm quite proud that Andy and Simon finished 3rd in the mens team event and Simon finished 2nd overall. Absolutely amazing effort. Overall it was a great day with great people.

Once I got home I ran a further 6 miles to take it up to 16 for the day. Got to be committed now as it is less then 2 months before i'm meant to be doing Brighton Marathon.

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