Monday, 13 March 2017

Running Motivation

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As most of you may know through all my blog posts/Facebook status's/tweets/Instagram pics etc that I have fallen in love with running. What first started as a training setting for running a marathon has now turned into a full blown hobby and if I don't run a couple of times a week it begins to feel like there is something missing.

I think there are lots of different factors and many different reasons why people enjoy running such as the fresh air, seeing the outdoors or seeing sites within their own city which they didn't know existed. For me although I do enjoy all those things, there are 3 other things that I enjoy more which are detailed below:

Company + Support

Throughout my journey so far I have met many people who I deem to be inspiring for so many different reasons. I've had people who aim to run 100 marathons by 2018 and just completed number 62 yesterday, people who have developed incredibly well as runners from the progress I have seen, people over the age of 70s and 80s who still run (and look incredible) and the people who struggle but still never give up and have a strong, determined and fierce attitude. I've found that with running lots of these people tend to have self-doubts but normally achieve the goals that they set out to achieve which is a massive positive which shows that they are stronger then they think they are and this is something that I as an individual take inspiration from and part of the reason why I love having company around me. Good company is also great for support because lots of people give motivation and encouragement and that can give people confidence and belief in their own abilities. I know i've needed it sometimes when i've struggled and it's great to have the company of good people helping you along. Got to give a big shoutout to my local running club Red Rose Road Runners because I think they are amazing at this and I proper love them guys!

Supporting at the Races

This is 1 of the best things I like because it's an opportunity to take in the race atmosphere and enjoy the day and have some fun but also rest the legs which to be honest is a nice feeling. I have been to a few races to support everyone but especially the mighty Red Rose and each time I have had lots of fun myself. It's useful to people who are running especially as they are approaching the finishing line and it gives me the opportunity to jump up and down like i've heard Antonio Conte does for Chelsea (Not that i'm a Chelsea fan by the way). I do however love being so energetic in this manner. I also enjoy supporting as I still treat it as a social gathering too.

The biggest thing though is that it is an opportunity for me to give something back to others who are also good to me. Lots of people support me in lots of different ways. Some have given me lifts for free, some have left me encouraging and supportive comments, some ran with me when I was very slow to begin with and some have just offered advice in general.

The point about this is that I think its important to give something back to others who have been good to you because it shows that you value and appreciate them. I've found in Red Rose and the running community as a whole that kindness spreads.


I also find that not only running but exercise in general is a form of escaping from any troubles or dilemmas a person is going through even though it may only be for a short while. Around 2012 I was going through certain difficulties in my life but I found hitting the gym and exercising in general helping me in a positive way for the simple reason that I could forget about what was happening in my life for a short while and put all my efforts into doing something positive and enjoyable. For me that was a big thing and through the running community i've spoken to a few people who were in similar situations to myself and they have all mentioned they have felt like running has helped them in a positive way. It's nice to have the freedom of mind, focus on something positive and strive towards an aim and objective.

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