Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Education on Mental Health

Hi guys. Been a long time since my last blog. I hope you are all well.

I've decided to write a blog that I know a lot of people feel very passionate about and that is the importance of Education of Mental Health issues.

When I went to school I did PSHE which mainly involved talking through the physical changes our bodies were going through but there was nothing regarding any form of Mental Health importance discussed. Looking back now I guess I feel this is something that should have been discussed as I think it would have given me a greater understanding of my own illness and how I can support myself and if any friends or family were going through the same how I could support them too.

Back then I guess I only knew about the aspects of physical health as my illness didn't start until I was 18 so I guess I was uneducated about what mental health really was. I feel passionately now that this should be discussed in schools as they affect people in daily lives and it could affect the lives of the people they are trying to educate in future. I also feel it would go a long way towards challenging and breaking down the negative stereotypes and stigmas around mental health because people would then be educated and they wouldn't judge people who do have a mental health issue. If people were educated stigma could reduce and help people gain more confidence in speaking to others about Mental Health as we all know how hard it can be.

However I don't just see it as a responsibility of the school. Parents can also sit down with their children and discuss and educate their children about the importance of health both physical and mental so the children themselves can gain an understanding of how at times life can be hard and challenging.

I believe education is key and paramount and I really hope Mental Health does get included in the PSHE syllabus.

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