Thursday, 20 August 2015

Mental Health Voices

Hi again guys.

Can't quite believe I am writing my 2nd blog post in 2 days after not writing 1 for 2 years but I really wanted to write this post. Some of you maybe aware that I have been curating for a Twitter group which was set up a couple of months ago.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience of curating as it enabled me to host discussions about important mental health topics that people genuinely feel passionate about which made debates both informative and interesting. I really liked engaging with other people who I wouldn't have normally engaged with over Twitter. I noticed we all have different stories but one thing in common. We all want to help end the stigma regarding Mental Health and this group are great.

I also sent a few quotes from a book I have written by Katie Piper which has 365 affirmations of positive thinking. Wanted to do this because people with Mental Health illnesses can often have low self esteem and I wanted to show rather then being worthless they are worthwhile. Overall I enjoyed bing part of this project and hope to be so again in future!

If anyone wants to follow them they are @MH_Voices on Twitter!

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  1. I'm really pleased you enjoyed your time on MHVoices! And that you've been inspired to blog again!