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Made With Hope

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Some of you may be glad to know that this post is not running related at all but I just wanted to let you all know about a beautiful charity that I support called Made With Hope.

Made With Hope was founded a couple of years ago by a lovely lady called Eleanor and the charity has continued to grow. Eleanor had a vision that she wanted to help underprivileged children living in poor conditions and wanted to make a change hence why she founded Made With Hope. Made With Hope is a 100% donation policy charity and they even have 2 bank accounts to ensure donation money doesn't get mixed up with admin costs.

I remember the fist time I met Eleanor and some other members of her family was at another International Development Event in Manchester and towards the end of the day they told me about Made With Hope and the first thing I noticed was how much passion and desire they had. I believe that if a person truly wants to make a change there has to be some sort of motivation and that was clearly there.

They also told me what the project was about an how they planned to build an orphanage in Tanzania  and that they needed to fundraise a total of £20,000. I started to get really interested because these type of projects are also something that I am really passionate about. I took the details of the charity, had a look at their website and decided I definitely wanted to help.

Through Eleanor's hard work Made With Hope managed to raise the £20,000 needed for the orphanage and now they are raising funds to build a school next to the orphanage. One aspect of building the orphanage and the school that I really like is that they have a buy a brick campaign which you can see on their website (link provided below). Through this campaign you can buy a brick which then goes towards building the orphanage/school and your name can be written on the brick. Every child matters and their education matter because they also have dreams an ambitions like we did when we were young and the great thing about Made With Hope is that they have recognised that and are trying to give the children similar opportunities to what we had when we were children. I do however believe the best thing the charity offer is in the name of the charity itself and that is HOPE for a bright and prosperous future.

Among building the orphanage and the school Made With Hope have been involved in other brilliant projects such as  a water project, a sanitation project, an orphanage project and a food project. Along with building the school Made With Hope also want to purchase some land and cultivate with a tractor they have purchased, grow food themselves and sell the food to raise money for the children. A wonderful idea.

I am also an Events volunteer at Made With Hope which means I am trying to organise fundraising events in the UK to raise money for this amazing charity. At the moment I am trying to organise bag packing collections at various leading supermarkets. I've currently got to the stage where I need to contact the supermarket managers to see if I can do it and organise times and dates. I would also need volunteers so if any of you would wish to volunteer at the fundraising events, feel free to contact us on any of the details below. I also wish to keep you guys updated on this blog with how this goes in future.

I've got to say though one of the best things I find about Eleanor and Made With Hope is that the support everyone gives doesn't go un-noticed and sometimes it's the simple words of thank you but they make me feel both valued and appreciated.

If you would like more information or to support any of Made With Hope's wonderful projects, please feel free to check the website or contact the Facebook and Twitter links below.

Twitter: @madewithhopeuk

You can also email

If any of you wish to volunteer you are more then welcome to leave a comment on this blog or you can contact me on Twitter @falidude

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