Saturday, 7 May 2016


Hi guys,

Just wanted to give you a bit of an update about what has been going on with the running recently.

As I have mentioned in my previous posts that I have signed up to do Chester Half Marathon which is scheduled to take place next Sunday. Alongside this I have also signed up to take part in the Bolton half marathon which is scheduled to take place in September along with the Brighton marathon which scheduled to take place in April next year. I'm really looking forward to all of them, particularly Chester half and Brighton full as they are cities that I have never visited before and I like seeing new cities.

I'm still collecting donations for Lily Uganda, Mind and St Catherines Hospice for the Chester half marathon so if people still wish to donate, please click on the link

Along with this training at Lancashire Red Rose Road Runners has been going well and I have continued to enjoy running with them. Tomorrow I plan to go for my first weekend run with them which is a 10k run up Beacon Fell which is a forest in Lancashire. I reckon this is going to be a hard run because it is 3 miles of uphill and 3 miles downhill. It's also a very early start. Have to be down at our meeting point by 8:15am and those of you who know me on a personal level may know that getting out of bed early on the weekend is a struggle for me but I guess it is for others too haha.

In other news as I mentioned in 1 of my previous posts, I was taking part in a blog series called "24 hours in the life of" by Aimee and i'm pleased to say my piece has been added to her blog. In Aimee's own words the reason behind the series is:

"To give readers an insight into other people's lives; with the blog being centred around mental health, the majority of external authors are from that industry. A large part of my blog, however, is intended to give the general public an insight into things that they may have assumptions about, in the hope that having more knowledge on the matter will shape their assumptions and attitudes. This, is what I hope to achieve with this series"

Aimee has done some amazing work with this blog and she works really hard to raise awareness of mental health issues to feel free to check the blog out and read my piece

Thanks for reading again guys.

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